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Exploring Nature-Culture Relationships at Olympic National Park
02/29/2024 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM ET
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Join us to explore Nature-Culture relationships in Olympic National Park! We'll discuss what attributes make the park of Outstanding Universal Value, touching on current conservation challenges as well as recent success stories. 

Olympic National Park and World Heritage Site in Washington State is renowned for the diversity of its ecosystems, including glacier-clad peaks, extensive alpine meadows, and miles of wild coastline. Designated a national park in 1938, Olympic was inscribed on the World Heritage list in 1981 for its remarkable beauty, vast protected temperate rainforest, and its complex and varied vegetation zones and habitats. The Olympic region has also served as a home to tribal peoples for over twelve thousand years, many of whom maintain traditional connections to the land and waters of the Park.

We invite you to join Superintendent Sula Jacobs and guests for a free webinar online to learn about the nature and culture that make up Olympic National Park and World Heritage Site! Topics will include dam removal, salmon run reconstruction, and indigenous heritage in the park.